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Prostaff Windshield Cleaner "Kiirobin Quick Magic Gold" 54g

Prostaff Windshield Cleaner "Kiirobin Quick Magic Gold" 54g

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Removes oil films the fastest in all Kiirobin series, you can feel the triple-speed easiness!

CharacteristicCompound for removing oily film and deteriorated glass coating on automotive glass. Super long selling item for more than 40 years in Japan. Kiirobin is a product that reliably removes the glare on the glass, oil films, oil coats that cause poor visibility during rainfall, and support safe driving. Cerium oxide is doubled and glass-based nano powder is newly mixed, grip bottle and special pad make your working time triple more faster!

Applicable Places: automotive outer glass and bath room mirror

Before use, please make sure there are no foreign matters on the sponge.
DO NOT use for inner glass of automotive.
After use, wash the agent off from glass with clean water

1. Remove dirt and dust from window and wet the window with clean water.
2. Squeeze the bottle to apply the agent directly and rub the glass.
3. Keep rubbing until the liquid on the glass not repelling, and then wash off well with water.

Kiirobin eliminates the poor visibility that causes traffic accidents and ensures a safe view.

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