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Prostaff Wheel Fiber Sponge Onihitode

Prostaff Wheel Fiber Sponge Onihitode


Cleans to the inside or back of the wheel.



It is a fiber sponge with a handle for the wheel that can reach even the dirt in the back. A long handle with a total length of about 325mm reaches deep into the wheel to remove dirt. The twisted microfiber surface that cleanly removes oil dirt and brake dust with just water and the three-dimensional mesh surface that is ideal for pitch dirt can be used according to the kind of dirt. Also, you can work while running water by connecting it to the hose joint parts. Even black wheels can be washed quickly, removing dirt from the inside of the wheel to create a shiny finish. Small parts (nuts, etc.) can be worked with only the pad removed from the tip.


Applicable Place: Inside or back of the automobile wheels.



1. Attach the hose joint to the tip of the grip if you like.

2. Wet the pad with water (and cleaner or shampoo if it is very dirty).

3. Hold the grip and wash the wheel with the pad, using both sides properly.

4. Rinse and wipe off the wheel with a clean cloth.

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