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Prostaff Water Repellent for windshield 240 Days 70 ml

Prostaff Water Repellent for windshield 240 Days 70 ml

1 毫升

Invisible windshield wiper. Extremely durable hydrophobic coating with effect up to 240 days.

  • - Improves the visibility of car windows on rainy days;
  • - Fusso type coating & amp; Double Silicone with high durability quartz
  • - Facilitates drainage of water in difficult weather conditions, e.g. during violent downpours when the wipers cannot cope (typhoons, storms)
  • - During in winter, it prevents water from freezing on the glass during standstill. You don't have to scrape the frost on the glass before you leave.
  • - Prevents dirt from sticking to the glass (insects, bird droppings, petroleum substances). Just rinse with water under pressure.
  • - The convenient shape of the bottle makes it easy to apply the coating to the windshield
  • - Suitable for side mirrors, windows and rear window

Double Silicone The innovative formula of the coating enriched with fluorine, silicon and two types of silicone makes the product efficient and durable. As the manufacturer says on the packaging: "We have created an innovative and technologically advanced product, thanks to which we have achieved a durability of up to 240 days"

How to use:

  1. Make sure the glass is clean, free from dirt and dry. To extend the durability of the coating, we recommend using the cleaner Prostaff Kiirobin Window Cleaner before applying the product to the glass.
  2. Unscrew the container and put it against the glass with the felt side.
  3. Press the product 5-10 times for product to flow out.
  4. Apply coating
  5. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then wipe with a dry microfiber

Remember! Aggressive washer fluids can weaken the Prostaff coating. 

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