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Prostaff Wheel Coating Spray "CC Gross Gold" 200ml

Prostaff Wheel Coating Spray "CC Gross Gold" 200ml

1 Milliliter

Achieve Glossy and Beautiful finishes for automobile wheels!

Characteristic Liquid type coating agent. Gives automobile wheels perfect glossy finishes.


Accessory : Includes 1 microfiber cloth.


Other Features: No abrasives, very strong water repellency. Fluorine-based resin prevents water stain or break dust from sticking. It becomes higher gloss by second and third re-coating. Available for about 60 wheels.


Applicable Place: Automobile aluminum and/or steel wheels.


Note: Not applicable to mechanical parts and steering wheels.



1. Wash and clean the automobile wheel.

2. Spray the agent while the wheel is wet, then wipe off with microfiber cloth (also applicable to the dry wheel), and done!


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