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Prostaff Coating Car Shampoo Gachiawa 760ml

Prostaff Coating Car Shampoo Gachiawa 760ml

1 Milliliter

A concentrated shampoo with a coating effect creates a durable, waterproof coating at washing. The agent foams abundantly and thanks to the use of innovative technologies, it perfectly removes impurities. At the same time, the high-adhesion component is adsorbed on the car body. After washing, the car body becomes smoother and shinier. Thanks to the enhanced hydrophobic effect, it becomes resistant to rain and discoloration, which makes it easier to keep clean. In addition, applying the substance with a pump facilitates operation and allows for smooth operation. The concentrated shampoo is enough to clean up to approx. 20 medium-sized cars. It can be applied quickly and easily for a satisfactory finish.

Suitable for all colors (with a pleasant sea scent)

Works well for cleaning painted vehicles (chemical free)

How to use: Add 10-15 pumps of shampoo to 3 liters of water

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