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Prostaff Car Body Coating Spray CC Water Gold 300ml

Prostaff Car Body Coating Spray CC Water Gold 300ml

1 Milliliter

Achieve glossy and beautiful finish for automobile body. No.1 Car Quick Detailer in Japan!



Liquid type coating agent. Gives automobile body perfect glossy finish. Popular not only in Japan, but also many foreign countries. VERY SIMPLE to use, and AMAZING COATING will be yours!

Accessory : Includes 1 microfiber cloth.

Other Features:
Non abrasive and non scent. Suitable for any paint color. Working time will be 1/3 or less compared to conventional waxing. Applicable Place: Automobile exterior body and parts. Wheels, exterior glass and interior dashboard, etc. Note: Not applicable to mechanical parts and steering wheels. Before use, please make sure there are no foreign matters on the cloth.

1. Wash and clean automobile body. 
2. Spray the agent while car body is wet, then wipe off with microfiber cloth and done (also applicable to dry body)!

High water repellent type that makes rains into beautiful water balls.

UV absorber is mixed to prevent deterioration.



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